2017: The Modern Urban Warrior Series

Each one of us who lives in a metropolitan city is a modern urban warrior.

What are the key qualities of such a warrior? This note focuses on some of the qualities of such a modern urban warrior and explores them further in the context the warrior yoga postures.

Part 1: Strength, skill and courageIMG_6268 PIC

The modern urban warrior needs to be strong both mentally and physically, skilful in their chosen vocation and courageously face the fast pace of life in metropolitan jungle.

Warrior 1 : Virabhadrasana 1

Warrior 1 posture demonstrates these qualities.


You need to have skill to be able to position the knee above heel-ankle and not let it roll

in nor out. You need strength to lift the arms above the head as you’re working against gravity. You need to keep the chest open and have the strength to ‘take’ the metaphorical arrows. These arrows may be those fired by the world eg harsh words said to you; or internally created, eg anger, frustration.

The warrior remains calm and collected whilst holding Warrior 1. So must we in our daily routines show these qualities, recalling how we are able to work these qualities during our Warrior 1 pose on the mat.