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“I have tried yoga in 4 countries and with more than 50 IMG_1308different teachers.  I met Priya as a yoga teacher at the gym and although my expectations from gym yoga are generally low, Priya got me hooked.  Have you ever done a yoga class where the teacher insisted you stop thinking/empty your mind but they seemed to be so over-active that they actually made you feel uncomfortable about this whole “empty your mind” thing?  Well, with Priya it’s different.  She is so calm that she doesn’t need to tell you to empty your mind.  It is as if she does it first and then you simply follow through. Worth experiencing.” DS City Professional


“I am a recent convert to Yoga and attend Priya’s yoga class.  During the 4 months that Priya has been teaching me in a class environment I have found it to be greatly life enhancing and I look forward to this class.  Priya is very clear in her instructions, compassionate to each individual whilst promoting and maintaining a holistic approach to mind, body and spirit.  I am truly grateful to her teaching and recommend her instruction and manner whole heartedly.” CV Film Producer

“Meera is such a dedicated and consistent yoga instructor, who has got very strong verbal and physical tools to guide yoga practitioners throughout Ashtanga practice. Being myself a yoga therapist I find her teaching very well-articulated with emphasis on strong, safe and body – mind centring practice.  I highly recommend this unique experience to others who want to join Meera’ yogic exploration.” JP Yoga/Pilates Therapist/Performing Artist

“Before joining the Yoga class with Priya, I hadn’t practiced yoga for years due to pressure from instructors to push myself further than I was comfortable with.  Priya always reminds us to work within our limits and ensures a non-competitive but encouraging atmosphere.  I highly recommend her classes”.  LW Musician

“It is a great pleasure to join yoga classes led by Meera each time regardless of the practice style. I’ve been practicing different yoga styles for almost two years and must admit relaxing and safe atmosphere was not always the case. Meera’s attention and care creates extremely comfortable space for practice. It’s all about thoughtful, mindful yoga, but at the same time personalised attention assures postures are done in a correct way avoiding any possible harm. It does not matter which level you practice, Meera’s advices opens space for improvement. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful personality and knowledge during each practice. Looking forward each Monday to leave the class renewed!” IP Finance

“I attend Priya’s Gentle Yoga class every Sunday.  Priya is a wonderful teacher very insightful and attentive.  After a long and stressful week this class gives me a chance to stretch, release and recharge my energies for the coming week. I leave feeling peaceful and light.”  MG Designer

“I love going to Meera’s class at VA because she always gives the various poses in beginner, intermediate and advanced level which helps me track my improvement.  I’m very new to yoga so relatively inexperienced but I always feel like I’ve been to ‘proper’ yoga session after Meera’s class – that spiritual elements have been encompassed rather than just completion of a set of movements.”  JS Beauty Salon Owner

“I have come to appreciate Priya’s classes very much. It is an hour’s class of ‘gentle’ yoga whereby every part of me is touched and affected.  I like her pace. Her continual reminder of what to do and where attention needs to be focussed helps me focus and attend and not drift off!”  BN Psychotherapist

“I really enjoy Priya’s teaching; her classes are both mindful and energising, and pitched at a good level for all abilities. She manages to find just the right level of challenge and relaxation!”  TZ Graphic Designer

“Priya teaches with real gravity, the practice is never frivolous, often challenging, and always transforms my whole week. At times her voice is like an internal monologue.  She has helped me to inhabit myself more fully, and sit more comfortably in the world.” CB Projectionist

“I started doing Yoga with Priya about 6 months ago and from the very first session I knew this was the right class for me.  From start to finish I feel connected.  The timbre of her voice is soothing and relaxing. The classes are taught in a relaxed and therapeutic atmosphere which allows me to feel balanced and centred. The emphasis on the breathing has helped me to explore the postures deeper, equally this technique helps me in everyday life.  At the end of Priya’s class my mind is relaxed and clear whilst my body is full of energy. I am able to continue the day doing chores with little effort.” NW Legal PA

“I have been practicing Vinyasa Flow yoga with Priya for seven months.  I had tried yoga in the past but hadn’t been able to find a style of a teacher which suited me.  I love these classes and look forward to them each week – they offer the perfect balance of physical and mental challenge and yet are surprisingly relaxing.  I am amazed at the way I am able to immerse myself in the practice: the world around me recedes and I get to focus on what I’m doing with a surprising discipline. I leave the class each week feeling positive and refreshed. Highly recommended!” HI Teacher

“I never thought I would enjoy Yoga but thanks to your classes I am finding it of great benefit.  Your sessions have breathing and stretching and so much variety in the postures and generally …. including inspirational quotes at the end.” Di Harrow

“When I leave Meera’s class I always feel totally rejuvenated both physically and mats

The standard of her yoga teaching is very high and the benefits I get from class enhance my everyday life.  Meera radiates calm and compassion into the class. Her yoga practice is clearly part of who she is rather than just what she does.” LV

“When I started attending the Centre, it was in June 2015 with much prompting from my GP to start exercising again. Up until 2012, I had done quite well with my gym practice and exercises classes, but unfortunately my health went into decline.  I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  After diagnosis, tests, Surgery, Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy; it had sapped my total energy & motivation. I had put on weight from these treatments which had an adverse affect on my Diabetes so everything had changed quite dramatically in my Life.

an_hundredbentkneeThe first group exercise class I tried was Pilates – it was Meera’s class. I felt anxious knowing that I could probably not do any of the exercises, but still needed to be there. Having told her about my health issues she reassured me to work at my own level and listen to my body, encouraging every week that with practice my strength issues would be resolved, I could not hold my body-weight in exercise or gain balance like others.

Now six months later, I have achieved my goal. I am a fully active member of Meera’s class, have mastered ninety nine per cent of her exercises, there’s still one I’m working on (lol). What a turnaround!  I am really happy to be in a place where I enjoy exercise again, and this class is an important part of my weekly routine with a truly dedicated inspiring teacher.” VG

chanting 2“I attended Meera’s introductory Sanskrit course at City Lit.  Meera is a very patient and encouraging teacher.  Her classes were well-planned and enjoyable.  I was a complete beginner and felt that I learnt a lot about different aspects of Sanskrit in a very short time.” HI

“I found Meera’s Sanskrit course at City Lit very interesting.  It will hopefully be useful for me when I continue with my classical Indian dancing (especially learning poems which are partly in Sanskrit).  Meera has a positive and polite attitude, and it was nice to do the course with her.” DaS

“I am a yoga teacher and wanted to do a short-ish Sanskrit course with an authentic teacher.  It’s difficult to find such courses in London.  “Sanskrit: an Introduction” at City Lit was a compact and concise yet well-balanced course.  Meera was very good, very patient, well organised and made lessons enjoyable.  The subject matter was both theoretical but also very practical and enjoyable at the same time.  It was really nice to chant Sanskrit verses.” CS

“I was very happy to study Sanskrit with Meera.  Meera is supportive and has a welcoming manner.  Her knowledge is impressive and she is an excellent teacher.  There was always a lovely interaction chanting 2between Meera and the class.  The course was delivered in a systematic and enjoyable way.  I am so glad I did it and it has definitely helped me with the yoga TTC that I am currently doing.” TS