When I started attending Harrow Leisure Centre, it was in June 2015 with much prompting from my GP to start exercising again. Up until 2012, I had done quite well with my gym practice and exercises classes, but unfortunately my health went into decline.  I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  After diagnosis, tests, Surgery, Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy; it had sapped my total energy & motivation. I had put on weight from these treatments which had an adverse affect on my Diabetes so everything had changed quite dramatically in my Life.

The first group exercise class I tried was Pilates – it was Meera’s class. I felt anxious knowing that I could probably not do any of the exercises, but still needed to be there. Having told her about my health issues she reassured me to work at my own level and listen to my body, encouraging every week that with practice my strength issues would be resolved, I could not hold my body-weight in exercise or gain balance like others.

Now six months later, I have achieved my goal. I am a fully active member of Meera’s class, have mastered ninety nine per cent of her exercises, there’s still one I’m working on( lol). What a turnaround!  I am really happy to be in a place where I enjoy exercise again, and this class is an important part of my weekly routine with a truly dedicated inspiring teacher. VG