2019 theme : The Triple A Happiness Synthesis

Work the 3 keys of acceptance, attitude and approach to unlock your inner treasure of happiness

We look at each of the three A’s and then we will combine them together to find our happiness. 

Take the first A – the A for Acceptance but acceptance of what?  Acceptance of reality.  We refer here to the ability to see and understand the situation as it is.  The mind wants to trick us and is happy to get drawn into imagining a more rose-tinted future or brooding about the bygone past.  Once we understand the present condition, then we can accept it and face it.

The second A is for Attitude.  What type of attitude should we cultivate?  It’s easy to be negative, sarcastic, denigrading, bullying, especially if we are in a situation that is not to our liking or is not as we want it to be.  This is weak and cowardly.  Instead let’s be positive.  For sure, that’s easier said than done. But, if we try then we will succeed in training the mind to be positive.   

Finally the A for Approach.  We all face challenges and sometimes they seem unsurmountable.  Do we fixate on these problems and spend our energy over-analysing and crying to the world ‘why do all these things only happen to me’?  Or do we focus on finding solutions to these issues?  The first solution may not work so let’s try another work-around rather than giving up.  

Use the three As to analyse any situation you are faced with and then with a positive attitude work out the solution(s) for the situation.  And those are the three A keys working together to unlock our inner happiness.